in Florida where Massage Therapy is a medical license, Craig and Katrina Vincent Have a Combined 20 Years and over 14,000 hours of Clinical Experience. The Vincents Utilize a wide variety of techniques and possess an intricate knowledge of anatomy and biology to help improve your life through reducing muscular imbalance and improving muscular and skeletal balance. Here at AdeptMT, we Take pride in being the Difference in Massage.

Achieve Muscular Balance

Quality of Life Improvement

What MakesAdeptMT "The Difference?"

Passion. Professionalism. Experience. Education.

Professional and Technical

AdeptMT is not a substitute for your physician.

The diagnosis, treatment, or prescription of and for any illness, trauma, or disease is outside our scope of practice. Please consult your primary care physician before making an alteration to your healthcare, dietary, or exercise regimen. 

Maintaining Personal Focus

Having trained and amassed experience

Utilization of modern technology has made contacting, scheduling, and confirming with our guests a breeze. Using Square, Skype, email and text, we are easy to discover and uphold high professional standards.

While our focus gravitates around establishing a pain-free existence for health and well-being, we intermingle relaxing techniques and products to ensure your time with us has been both beneficial and enjoyable.

Adept Massage Therapy

We are the Premier Massage Therapy Clinic for quality of life improvement in the Greater Cedar Rapids Area.

The reduction of pain and improvement of quality of life is our passion and focus at AdeptMT. We will work directly with you through hands-on massage and anatomical education to achieve your personalized goal.

Instituting a positive change in your muscular balance will happen with time and intent. Our knowledgeable, experienced Massage Therapists work with grace and patience to find a treatment specialized for you.

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