Massage is Nice.  Therapy is Better.  Get Better with Us!

For Example: Your friend came in on your recommendation and receives a 1 1/2 hour massage therapy session.

TYM can be stacked for up to thirty (30) additional minutes on a minimum of a 1 Hour (60m) session!

Have You Referred a Friend, Family Member, or Coworker? We Provide Additional Time, for Free, to Your Next Scheduled Massage!

Referral Benefits

For every thirty(30) minutes of Massage Therapy provided on the first visit of the person you referred, you receive five(5) free minutes!

We call these Thank You Minutes -TYM!

There is NO maximum to the amount of TYM you can accrue! 

At most Thirty(30) minutes may be added to your next Massage Therapy Session.

TYM is built up for the first visit of each individual person referred when they cite your name.

And the ONLY catch: as we work by appointment, using your TYM is only available when booking in advance.

So start earning free TYM!

Earn Additional Free Time for Telling Others About AdeptMT!

You are now entitled to 15 minutes of FREE time in addition to your chosen session length!