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Professional massage is applied in three main ways:

Massage Therapy is manipulation of the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, fascia) using tools (hands, forearm, elbow) for the purpose of increasing range of motion, reducing pain, increasing circulation, improving one's quality of life, relaxing the body, and soothing the mind.

How is Massage Therapy defined?

We believe Massage IS Therapy.

  1. Using a Massage Table. The standard and widely preferred method, as this yields the most comfort and allows for the use of comfortable sheets, blankets, and bolsters as well as a table-length heating pad. A level of undress, while completely covered under the sheets, is the generally accepted method for direct Massage Therapy.
  2. Using a Massage chair. More portable and able to go places a Massage Table can not, the Massage Chair is surprisingly comfortable and does not warrant any undress. Only the back, neck, and shoulders may be accessed.
  3. Using a Yoga Mat. Currently unused at our location, the guest lies directly on the mat while receiving treatment types including Ashiatsu (walking massage), and Thai Massage Therapy.

How is Massage provided?

  • Increased Range of Motion (ROM). Muscular tension will reduce the range you can move a joint - for example, the shoulder - which can cause discomfort, pain, and muscular or skeletal imbalance.
  • Decreased Pain. If you're here reading this, you likely experience body pain to some degree. Skilled Massage Therapists understand how to assess your body and understand your personal complaints, then recommend the proper style of Massage Therapy for your unique problem.
  • Increased Circulation. As your Circulatory and Lymphatic systems are always hard at work moving fluid through your body, applied pressure and techniques via Massage Therapy further increase their efficiency. This leads to reduced heart rate with increased blood flow and boost to the immune system.
  • Relaxation. Plain and simple, there is nothing quite like having tension eased away in a calming environment with a trusted professional. This benefit is doubled by soothing the mind and vastly reducing stress levels. Scientific studies have shown regular massage to reduce the effects of Depression.
  • Quality of Life Improvement. A result of the listed benefits and hundreds of others, Massage Therapy will make you feel better and happier - if administered by a professional, your significant other, even your kitty cat.

Craig and Katrina Vincent combine multiple styles of Massage Therapy, utilize Gait and Body Assessment techniques, and listen intently to the needs of our guests. If we don't understand or know a certain issue or pathology, we revel in learning how to address something new. In Florida, our guests had seen us regularly for upwards of six years for Massage Therapy and Maintenance. In multiple situations, we aided in improving posture, gait, and range of motion, while decreasing pain, stress, and anxiety.

We will do everything we professionally can to improve your quality of life and ensure that our work results in positive, life-changing benefits.

However, Massage Therapy administered for positive change requires that not only do you learn with us, but we learn with you. Every single individual is unique and requires a customized approach to their needs.

In all the 14,000 hours of combined Massage Therapy provided by Craig and Katrina, only two people have not experienced benefits - one, a guest whose series of spinal fusions resulted in a nearly wholly fused spine (correcting skeletal issues is out of a Licensed Massage Therapist(LMT)'s scope of practice); the second being someone who received more benefit from Acupuncture. We recommend any of our guests seek a variety of forms of pain relief and quality of life improvement in conjunction with Massage Therapy - whether it be exercise and healthy eating habits, Yoga, Chiropractic Care, or Acupuncture. If something works better than the work we provide, we will help you find it.

Massage Therapy should never cause pain. Some Massage Therapists falsely believe that a recipient should be "beaten up," and this is not good for anyone. Simply being "beaten up" can make you feel good as a result of endorphins flooding the body in response to trauma and does not yield lasting results. 

At Adept Massage Therapy, your session will be catered specifically to you, your pressure sensitivity, and your pain threshold. If you want more pressure we will provide it to the extent of our ability, yet we may recommend against such.

It is true that there is such a thing as "Good Pain," where there is a significant sense of pain relief and/or relaxation with minor discomfort. This is most common in more intense techniques like Trigger Point Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy.

In the end, you should feel pleased with the massage you receive and not as though it was a wearisome task. This is not why you came to see us.

Will Massage Therapy work for me?

Will Massage Therapy hurt?

What Are the Benefits?

Professional Massage Therapy yields many benefits, including but not limited to: