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Service Discount

At AdeptMT, our goal is to produce the best treatment plan for you and your unique aches, pains, and grief. To facilitate our goal, we offer these Maintenance Discounts for you, our guest, in order to make Massage Therapy an affordable part of your lifestyle. Discounts do not Stack.

Family Discount

This $10 or $20 Off Also Applies to Families and Couples! If One Comes in, Your Spouse or Immediate Family Member can Maintain the Discount at the Recurrence Stated Above.

Receive a $20 Discount! 

For a Limited Time!

Available When Seeing James Rucker on Monday and Tuesday, or Sunday with Advance Notice.

Discount at Recurrence as stated above.

$10 or $20 off your Next Massage with AdeptMT!


We Thank You for Your Service in our United States Armed Forces.

Receive our $10 Discount Anytime with Proof of Service.

This Offer Also Available to Any Police, Firefighter, EMT, and Paramedic with Proof of Career.

$10 Discount for:

 Your First Visit to AdeptMT

Or Return to See Us Again:

1 Hour (60 Minutes) within Two Weeks (14 Days)

1 1/2 Hour (90 Minutes) within One Month (28 Days)

2 Hour (120 Minutes) within One Month (28 Days)